Cultural Survival Bazaar

A Festival of Indigenous Arts and Culture

Cultural Survival Bazaar


Welcome to the Cultural Survival Bazaar!


Please keep checking for information of the reopening of Bazaars for the Winter Solstice fair in December 2023. 

Indigenous art is important to celebrate and sustain. The Bazaars are a creative solution to supporting Indigenous Peoples’ economic sovereignty and their right to freedom of expression.
Historically, the Cultural Survival Bazaars are a series of cultural festivals that provide Indigenous artists, cooperatives, and their representatives from around the world the chance to sell their work directly to the U.S. public. 

COVID-19 was, and is, a stumbling block for us all, and we needed to maneuver new ways of connecting while not in-person.  During the Bazaar hiatus, we experimented with creative solutions promoting Indigenous artist economic sovereignty and storytelling, including:

COVID-19 threatens the livelihood of Indigenous artists who rely on sales for fundamental necessities. The wide array of items is astounding! Let’s think of these artists first when we need to make a purchase.

Click on a vendor profile below to access the ways to purchase from them.

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